What is the typical cost of SEO services?

Every project is 100% unique. It is easier and quicker to improve ranking in a local market, than to rank national or globally. So the pricing is base on the competitiveness of the keyword you wish to rank for. We carry out an in-depth keywords analysis and website optimization before putting together a proposal.

Will you work with my competitors?

We don’t betray our clients. After helping our client to rank above their competitors to the top of the search engines, we don’t turn around and do the same for our client’s biggest competitors. We can only work with one client in a niche in each locality.

How long will it take my website to rank?

It was easier to rank a website some years back than it is in present days. We could rank new websites to the first page within a week, but a lot has changed in Google algorithm, and Google has implemented a strategy that delays site ranking, therefore, ranking websites takes as long as Google decides it would. With this, we usually do ask our client to permit us a minimum of three months to help get their website ranking.

How long does the optimization process usually take for to be complete?

Optimization time depends on the scope of work; the initial process of optimization usually takes 3-4 weeks. In some case that includes website rebuilding, social media campaign implementation and dealing with a penalty, it can extend the entire process for several months. Some websites will rank well than the others at first. Once we complete the first optimization; we continue to make the necessary changes to your websites and flow to adjust to each client rankings. While doing this, we also continue to work to improve your off-page optimization to ensure a maximum result.

Do you guarantee Google #1 spot rankings?

To be frank, stay away from any SEO provider that guarantees you first-page number 1 on Google. Even the Best SEO experts cannot always get that first-page number 1 spot for every keyword. That being said, we have succeeded in ranking clients website to the first page for over 100 different keywords. We can help ensure your website ranking improves tremendously.

Will you provide us with results?

Each month, we ensure to produce our clients with their website ranking details. We discuss their Google Analytics in details so that we are on the same page. Transparency is the core of our service, and we strive to add value to our client project every month.

How do I measure SEO results?

There are two angels of SEO; traffic and conversion rate. Our first goal is to ensure the visibility of your website “rank to the top of Google” to generate improved relevant traffic. Once we begin to see more visitors coming to your site, we can then meticulously monitor the conversion rate. We use many procedures to determine the conversion rate on your website. Then use the data obtained to improve both angels “Traffic and Conversion” in the future.

Do I pay an upfront fee?

Yes. From keyword research to fixing your website issues, the entire process is vast and time-consuming; such time and effort put into ranking your website can never retrieve. We certainly put more energy to ensure we sincerely do our work to rank your website.

Why is there an upfront fee and a monthly fee?

There are two unique differences in our optimization method. The first optimization addresses your website issues. This process is always an arduous task because it’s very elaborate and takes a lot of time. The monthly fee covers “all alterations and changes” as the maintenance to keep your website ranking as Google always changes its algorithms and as competition moves up.

How long Will It Take To Rank My Website On Google?

Based on competition, every industry and location is different. A site can rank for a very easy or low competition keyword in a few weeks while a high competition keyword can take months if not years to rank on the first page of Google. One of the most important exercises anyone can perform before launching an SEO strategy is to identify keywords that one can rank for.

What is the best backlink practice for SEO?

The best backlinks practice is a whitehat method; blackhat method can adversely hurt your website in the long run. Usually, we do not advise you use SEO companies the use blackhat backlink procedure.

What is the best type of backlinks to obtain for SEO?

The best backlinks to obtain are from websites that generate high traffic and are relevant to your product, service or industry. Another type of high-quality backlinks is from geographically relevancy websites — for instance, link from websites in your local.

How long does it take to rank at the #1 spot on Google?

There is usually no specific set time frame or formula you can follow to rank on front page #1 on Google. You may try ranking your website for years and never attaining the #1 spot. To rank number 1 on Google, your website must engage researchers or be the best GO-TO for researches.